Wadhawan Retail Private Limited

The management at WRPL believes that food and grocery retailing is a two tiered operation. On one level a nationally recognized brand with international operating standards needs to be built. However, the unique essence of the neighbourhood must also be maintained. Even though the physical infrastructure of the local grocery store has changed radically, the shopping psychology of the consumer has changed partially.

The real estate experience of Wadhawan’s has given the management valuable insights into creating brands to suit the neighbourhood. Wadhawan Retail is adopting a strategy of targeting neighbourhoods with the retail experience they aspire to. In all the store formats the shopper’s experience is very carefully choreographed. The idea is to get customer loyalty by linking emotions to the store: A big reason behind the success of the local ‘Kirana’ stores. Wadhawan F&G Retail owns five brands in various parts of India: Spinach, Sab Ka Bazaar, Smart and Sangam Direct. The company has received the management contract for Maratha Cooperative Stores.

The company will also look at other convenience formats to cater to community specific needs.